Alba Recreation and Parks District

Our Mission

The primary purpose of the District is to serve the community of Ben Lomond and Bonny Doon through unique, people focused programs and services – enriching and expanding the fabric of our community.

About the District

Alba Recreation and Park District (ARPD) was formed in 1954. As one of the smallest park and recreation districts in California, ARPD encompasses 48 parcels totaling approximately 206 acres (0.32 square miles). The District serves the unincorporated community of Ben Lomond. The County’s General Plan designates the vast majority of this area as Mountain Residential with a small portion zoned as Existing Parks & Recreation. The primary purpose of the District was to maintain the former Alba School as a library and community center. The facility, known as the “Little Red Schoolhouse,” was in operations for over six decades before it was tragically burned down as a result of the CZU Lightning Complex Fire (CZU Fire) in August 2020. Figure 3 is a vicinity map depicting ARPD’s current jurisdictional and sphere boundaries. Figure 4 shows the land use designations within ARPD.

Figure 3

Figure 4

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